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Multiple Monitor Matrix Array

Avalon Monitor Matrix

2 Monitor Matrix Array

The Avalon two monitor matrix is a compact configuration of two monitors that will give you a much better view of the market than a single monitor.

Monitors up to 27" in size may be used. The Avalon uses a single piece stand with a single foot base. The base has a relatively small footprint on your desk.

The monitors we sell have a strong track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

Valero Monitor Matrix

2 Monitor Matrix Array

The Valero two monitor vertical matrix is a scalable approach to building a multiple monitor setup. The Valero can hold monitors up to 25" in size. When more than one Valero matrix is used they can be configured in a curve of almost any radius.


Types of LCD Panels

LCD panels all use active matrix technology (passive matrix is used in very small applications like watches). Below is a list of active matrix technology LCD panel types that are in mass production today.

(Twisted Nematic)
The lowest cost and most widely sold LCD panel type. TN panels have very fast response times (2ms-5ms typical). Color reproduction, and contrast ratios of TN panels are not as good as VA or IPS panels. TN panels only produce 6-bit color. TN panels attempt to produce 8-bit color using a process called dithering. For watching the markets, however, they work fine. Most of the monitors we offer are TN monitors.
(Vertical Alignment)
These monitors offer better color reproduction and wider viewing angles than TN panels, but have slower response times. Uninformed buyers often mistake the somewhat slower response times of the VA monitors for inferiority to the faster (TN) monitors. Color reproduction is much better, blacks are blacker, and they have higher contrast ratios then TN panels. We do not offer VA panels because of their limited side angle viewing quality. When you have a lot of monitors, you are rarely looking square on at all of them at once.
(In Plane Switching)
These are the best, most expensive, and rarest of LCD monitors. Prices for these monitors are at least 50% higher and may be more than 300% higher for larger sizes. Color accuracy is very impressive and the side viewing angle quality is excellent. The response times are slower than TN monitors (typically more than 6ms). Many of these monitors are too slow for gaming purposes. IPS panels also consume more power than TN or VA panels. The big advantage for IPS monitors is color quality. For traders the TN monitors produce more than adequate color quality for your charts. If you use your computer for graphic design work or watching movies then the IPS panel may be a better choice.