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Here at Falcon we use high-end laptops for trading to get faster execution and high reliability.

Off-the-shelf laptops often have previous generation technology and little multi-monitor support.

In today's market you don't want to be stuck on hold waiting to talk to someone that doesn't understand the problem, or unable to walk you through the issue at hand.

If you want the very best that technology has to offer and technical support that will stand behind you with the ever changing markets, give us a call.

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Mobility and Performance

F-10 Trading Laptop


Intel Core i7-8750H Quad-Core Mobile Processor
Full HD IPS 1920x1080 (16:9) Resolution
LED Backlit Matte Type Finish
NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1050 GPU / Intel® UHD Graphics
8 - 32GB of DDR4 System Memory
White color Backlit keyboard
Multiple-Monitor Support (details)
Lifetime phone support

More Performance, Greater Vision

F-15 Trading Laptop


Intel Core i7-8750H Hex-Core Mobile Processor
17.3" Full HD, 144Hz, 94% NTSC Display
Wide Viewing Angles, Matte Type Finish
NVIDIA® GeForce™ GTX 1060 GPU / Intel® UHD Graphics
Full color illuminated keyboard
Multiple-Monitor Support (details)
Lifetime phone support

Desktop Performance

F-30 Trading Laptop

Features: Intel Core i7-8700K 4.7GHz 6-Core DESKTOP Processor

IPS 1920 x 1080 Full HD (16:9) Resolution
LED Backlit Matte Type Display
256GB - 1TB Solid State Drive
1TB Hard Disk Data Drive Option
16 - 32GB of DDR4 System Memory
Multiple-Monitor Support (details)
Lifetime phone support partners:

Cyber Trading University Partners

Performance Comparison

When deciding which Falcon Desktop to buy, knowing which performs better for your trading program(s) is key. If you are using programs that only capable of using a single core of the processor (NinjaTrader 7, ThinkorSwim, Sierra Charts), a fast single-thread processor is better than a fast multi-thread processor. If you are using a program that can use all the cores of the processor (eSignal, TradeStation, NinjaTrader 8), a fast multi-thread processor is what you want. If you do not know if your program is Single- or Multi-Thread capable, contact the program's support staff.

Take a look at the chart below to see where each CPU we use stands compared to the others. Mouse-over or touch each bar for its value.

This test was done with Y-cruncher using 12GB of available memory to calculate Pi to its 2,500,000,000th decimal.

* "_Stochastic cross" strategy: 9-11x1 + 3-6x1 + 1-2x1 + 7-21x1 + 1-5x1 + 3-10x1

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Types of LCD Panels

LCD panels all use active matrix technology (passive matrix is used in small applications like watches). Below is a list of active matrix technology LCD panel types in mass production today.

TN (Twisted Nematic)

VA (Vertical Alignment)

IPS (In Plane Switching)

Free Trading Guides from Falcon

The Learn How to Trade Guide helps the beginning trader to understand his/her choices and different paths in the world of trading. Selecting the path right for you is very important. Many beginning traders could have done much better if they had a better understanding of all their options. Is Stocks or Forex or Options or Futures your best choice? What methodologies should you consider? What time frame should you trade?

This guide summarizes what it takes to become an independent trader (no day job) or a serious trader who still wants to keep his day job. What should you expect for returns? What broker should you use? What software should you use? Risk Management is where most new traders fail by trading too much risk on each trade. We will guide you on proper risk management. What about automated trading? What equipment should you have? A must read for most beginning and intermediate traders.

This guide takes the How to be a Trader guide and focuses on just stock trading. Stock trading has unique features when compared to other types, like Forex or Futures.

At Falcon we sell computers to a lot of veteran traders. In this guide we try to focus on some of the core principals of what we have learned in trading and on what our veteran traders have told us they have learned.

The Ultimate guide to buying a trading computer and making technology work for you. What do you need in a computer setup with multiple monitors?