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We combine passion, innovation, and technology to make the best computers in the world. Our computers are engineered for speed and reliability. Compare the processor speed of our F-series computers to any of our competitors\ machines.
We build and test every computer using quality control methods inspired by the aeronautics industry.
Read below to see just how we do it.

The Need for Speed
i7 930 non-Falcon computer                                                                                                     Falcon F-35X
Notice the jumping and stuttering of the non-Falcon computer but the Falcon display is smooth
Falcon computers are much more powerful than consumer or business class computers. Most consumers and businesses computer demands are simple and do not require a large amount of power and speed. Competitive pricing pressures lead to millions of cheap, low-powered computers being produced every month. These computers only have a limited ability and it is difficult for them to run today's powerful charting programs. Low-powered computers are restricted on the number of charts and indicators that can be displayed. Falcon computers are affordable and fast - the first choice of successful traders.
Falcon Trading System® computers have the extra speed that traders need to keep up with the markets and get their orders in first. "Slippage" is the difference between what you thought you were going to get when you placed your order and what you actually got. A faster computer means less slippage because your order gets to the market sooner. Slow computers, even if free, cost you money due to incredible slippage.
Falcon Trading Systems on "The Economic Report"

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Dell has just a "B" rating

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Trading Computer Test Center
Unmatched Quality
Falcon Trading System® computers undergo an extensive series of tests to ensure that they are 100% ready for rigorous service.
Performance testing determines the correct settings to tune the computer for maximum stability, realization, and reliability.
Non-destructive stress testing is performed to discover components that are currently functioning but are weak and will fail quickly.
Extensive static electricity controls in our production process prevent degradation of the components prior to shipment.
A Test Rack and Burn-in Room
There are two important aspects to computer memory performance: speed and latency. We utilize a unique proprietary balance between the two which achieves superior retrieval speeds.
There are modifications which we make to the allotment of heap memory within the operating system to prevent instability when using a large number of charts.
Processor speed is the key to a strong trading computer and we have the fastest guaranteed clock speeds in the world of desktop computers.
We are unique in that our technology and our experience allows us to reach higher processor speeds without exceeding the normal voltage parameters or operating at abnormal temperatures.

Dunn and Bradstreet
Dunn & Bradstreet
The Market Leader in Trading Computers
Get your computer from a credible company that is going to be around in the future. According to Dunn & Bradstreet we are the world\s leading provider of specialty trading computers.
If you check the credit report of our smaller rivals who build specialty trading computers, they have a credit rating that is substantially inferior to ours. Our credit report is clean and strong.
In difficult economic times you need to buy from a source that is financially stable. You need to buy a Falcon Trading System® computer.
Global Sales Reach
Worldwide Sales
There are owners of Falcon Trading Systems® on almost every continent. Our international sales are strongest in Western Europe and Australia. However, we have many customers in places as diverse as Thailand, The United Arab Emirates, and Croatia.
Due to our increasingly large volume of international shipments we enjoy a 65% discount on overseas delivery costs. If you are an international customer, you can rest assured that your costs will not be appreciably higher than our U.S. customers. We take good care of all our customers, both near and far.
Trading Operations
Trading Knowledge
Understanding the demands of trading and trading software is the first step in understanding how to make a trading computer. Gaming computers are not a good fit, nor are the usual home/office computers. We make trading computers that fit the needs of trading.
Falcon Trading Systems® manufactures top of the line trading computers because we have only the highest standards and our machines are built with the greatest of care and precision. We know trading; we know how to trade; we trade on our own account daily. The only way to develop the world’s best trading computers is to complete years of extensive testing by performing in the field.
Plus there is an added bonus: as a Falcon Trading Systems® computer owner you have the ability to call and speak with our head trader for advice.
Expert Staff
When you are trading real money, you need reliability. Many people mistakenly think that Microsoft based computers are inherently unreliable based on their experiences with cheap mass-market computers. The inability to manage your trades because your computer just crashed can result in losses that exceed the value of the computer several times over. All F-series computers come with a full three year warranty and our extremely capable and experienced support staff.
Our technical support staff is comprised of experts with hands-on training and experience. Our administrative staff is highly knowledgeable. When you call other computer manufactures, you often get automated systems, minimally trained people, and headaches. We have a different philosophy here at Falcon Trading Systems®.
Call and see for yourself. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer all your questions and put your mind at ease. If you want the best you should buy from the best.

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