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F-30 Laptop

Power of a Desktop, Mobility to Trade Anywhere

F-30 Trading Laptop

The Mobile Desktop

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  • Gain the competitive edge with Falcon F-30's powerful unlocked 10th Gen Intel Core i7 Desktop CPU. Lightning fast and highly efficient with more cores, cache memory and processing power than ever before. Paired with the new Intel Z470 chipset. Comes with dual power supplies (see Specifications)
  • Intel Processor and Chipset
  • up to 10 Processor Cores, up to 20 Threads
  • 17.3” (1920X1080) Display, Matte Finished
  • Connect Three (3) 4K (UHD) Monitors Directly to Laptop
  • Built-in Webcam, Microphone, and (quiet) speakers
  • Option for maximum of 1TB SSD
  • Option for second SSD up to 1TB
  • Option for 3 year Warranty on parts
  • Warranty includes FREE LABOR and LIFETIME phone support
F-30 Trading PC Stability

Intel i7-10700K

Technology you can trust

Get an unfair advantage with the F-30's powerful 10th Gen Intel DESKTOP processor. Lightning fast and highly efficient with more cores, cache memory, and processing power than ever before. Paired with the Intel Z590 chipset, it's ready for blazing fast application response, program and file access time. Quick, efficient, dominant.

High Speed System Storage

Ultra High Performance PCIe Gen 3

Great Potential Storage Capacity

With the capability of having 3 PCIe M.2 Solid State drives, there really are no limits on storage or backup potential.

Multiple Monitor Support

Multi-Display Capability

GeForce RTX 3060 GPU

Some trading programs require more graphics memory. The F-30 handles them with ease.

Processor Options:

BrandSeriesModelCore #Base/Turbo ClockCache

Memory Options:

32GB2 x 16GB SO-DIMM
64GB4 x 16GB SO-DIMM

Graphics Card Options:

GeForce RTX30606GB GDDR6

Monitors Connections:

2mini Display Port (mDP)

USB Connections

Left2USB 3.2
Right3USB 3.2 (1x Type A), 2x Thunderbolt 4
Rear1USB 3.2 (1x Type C, no DP Alt Mode)


Intel Dual Band Wireless Wi-Fi 6 AX + Bluetooth

Power Supply:

Dual 280W Power Supplies.
Both power supplies required for high performance.

Optional Extras:


15.71" (W) x 12.56" (D) x 1.71" (H)


8.38 lbs. with Battery
add 3 lb for the two AC Adapters


1 Hour under load
Hard Drive Backups
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Multi-Monitor Management
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Falcon Trading Systems BBB Business Review

BBB Rating

Accredited Business

Click on the above picture to go to the Better Business Bureau site and see our quality of service details.(Link opens new tab)

Check out our competitors. Many are not even registered with the Better Business Bureau.

U.S. Technical Support

U.S. Technical Support

Includes On-Site Service

Our Technical Support staff comprises of experts with hands-on training and experience. Our Administrative staff is highly knowledgeable. Our top technicians have been with us for many years. When you call other computer manufacturers, you often get automated systems, minimally trained people, and headaches. We have a different philosophy here at Falcon.

Trading Computers Buyers Guide

Trading Computers Buyers' Guide

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