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F-30 Trading Laptop

Harness the colossal power lurking under the F-30's sleek metal shell. Its Desktop-Class performance Intel Core i9 HX processor and cutting-edge NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Graphics work in tandem with ultra-fast DDR5 memory, PCIe Gen 4 storage, 2.5Gb Ethernet, Wi-Fi 6E wireless, and Thunderbolt 4 connectivity to deftly tackle the demands of top-tier trading platforms, or even multiple trading platforms.

Ships within 2 weeks

4K screen option ships within 4 weeks.


F-30 Trading Laptop CPU

Innovative Hybrid Architecture

Desktop-Class Performance 13th Gen Intel Core i9 HX Processor

Task crusher, play maker. Wield Falcon's F-30 elite desktop-level performance with Intel’s new Core i9-13900HX next-generation hybrid processor. Intel’s fastest chips are loaded with 24 cores backed by more L2 cache per core. Its 8 powerful P-cores tackle giant single- and low-threaded tasks, running AAA games, while its 16 remarkable E-cores quickly grind through smaller chores and heavy multi-threaded tasks like rendering and video encoding. Intelligently designed to get more done, all at once, faster and smarter than ever.

F-30 Trading Laptop multiple monitor support

Multi-Display Ready

Portable Monitor Support

With portable monitors, you can have a multiple monitor trading platform that you can take with you on the road and set up anywhere. The screen size of our portable monitors are 15.6 inches, the perfect size for travel. The Full HD (1920x1080) resolution ensures you can still fit your charts. And the F-30 has two ports for the simplest plug-and-play connection.

F-30 Trading Laptop cooling

Enhanced System Cooling

No cooling pads needed

Designed to stay cool. The F-30's maximized cooling system features enhanced heat pipe design, bigger 12V fans with more fan blades, larger exhaust vents, and ultra-thin fins to quickly drive high volume heat away from its CPU and GPU to optimize system performance. Its larger new heat pipes now boost cooling efficiency by an extra 25% to work and play harder for longer.

F-30 Trading Laptop WiFi 6E

High Speed Internet

2.5 Gigabit LAN & Wi-Fi 6E Wireless Connection

Breakthrough bandwidth. Connect to the most advanced networks with 2.5 Gb Ethernet or high-capacity Wi-Fi 6E for ultra-fast, uninterrupted trading and/or video conferencing without the lag or the headaches.

F-30 Technical Specifications

Processor Options:

Starting Processor:

  • Intel Core-i9 13900HX 8 P-Cores, 16 E-Cores 5.4GHz Max. Boost

System Memory Options:

Starting Memory:

  • 32GB DDR5

Upgrade Options:

  • 64GB High Reliability Memory

Operating System Drive Options:

Starting Drive:

  • 500GB Solid State Drive, 3,400MB/s

Upgrade Options:

  • 1TB Solid State Drive, 3,430MB/s or 7,300MB/s
  • 2TB Solid State Drive, 3,500MB/s or 7,300MB/s

Screen Specifications:

  • 17.3” Quad HD (2560x1440) 240Hz
  • Wide View Angle, 100% DCI-P3, G-Sync Display, Matte Finished
  • Upgradeable to UHD Resolution (2160p) 144Hz


  • Intel Iris Xe Graphics (Integrated in Core i9 CPU)
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 with 8GB GDDR6 Video RAM

Equiped with Webcam and Microphone

Monitor Connections:


  • 4 Monitors Supported - integrated video (adapters may be required)
    • HDMI output
    • mini-DisplayPort (mDP) 1.4
    • mini-DisplayPort (mDP) 1.4 over USB (Type C)
    • Thunderbolt 4 through USB (Type C)



  • Built-in 2.5 Gbps Ethernet
  • WiFi 6 AX Card
  • Bluetooth

Other Optional Addons:

  • 2nd Solid State Drive for Backup and Storage


  • 15.59” (w) x 10.32” (d) x 0.98” (h)
  • 6.17 lbs. plus 1 lb. for AC Adapter


  • Full Range 280W AC Adapter, AC-in 100~240V, 50~60Hz, DC output 20V, 14A
  • 80WH Battery Pack
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Frequestion Asked Questions about Trading Laptops

Falcon laptops have built-in webcams and microphones so you don't have to worry about finding external equipment for your setup. This optimizes their portability, giving you an all-in-one system for easy transport.

The air flow of our laptops allows them to stay cool even under high demand. Falcon trading laptops have state-of-the-art fan systems so they maintain their high-performance capabilities even while you're multitasking.

Because there are so many trading programs with access to the stock market, we don't pre-install any software onto the Falcon F-30 trading laptop. We do, however, offer resources and information about your software options as well as trading lessons and equipment tips!

Looking to enhance your Falcon F-30? Check out our add-ons. We offer compatible accessories to expand your already awesome computer's capabilities:
  • Desktop monitors
  • Portable monitors
  • Monitor stands
  • Cables
  • Drive upgrades

We make trading laptops compatible with the virtual trading platforms of your choice. However you view the stock market and run analysis, a Falcon laptop would be the best tool.
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