Paragon Backup Software

Why is it necessary?

Keeping system backups for your trading computer has several advantages and provides safeguards against loosing your data or trading software setup. Occurences like Windows Updates, trading software updates, or hardware failures, may impact your ability to trade, or worse, prevent your trading computer from functioning properly. These reasons, primarily, are why Falcon offers Paragon as a optional software feature of your new trading computer.

What does it do?

Paragon allows you capture system images of your trading computer system drive (where Windows and your trading software is installed). These system images are routinely made and stored on a second drive.

Paragon Backup Software

We configure Paragon to use differential backups, which take up less space and allow for smaller changes to be recovered after restoring the system image.

Paragon Backup Software

For this example we are using a total size of all differential backups for each system image to be 10% of the image size. This is only a guess for the purpose of this example. Differential backups can vary in size based on whether large files were added or removed to the system. Generally, these will be very small relative to the system image if no changes are made to the system day to day.

How does it work?

Here is a timeline to give you an example of life with Paragon.

Paragon Backup Software

Day 1, 2:45pm - Make your first trading software configuration.

Day 1, 4:00pm - Paragon automatically makes a system image and saves it to the data drive

Paragon Backup Software

Day 2, 10:30am - You make changes to your configuration:

Day 2, 4:00pm - Paragon automatically makes a differential backup, recording the change

Paragon Backup Software

Day 3, 3:30pm - You make more changes to your configuration:

Day 3, 4:00pm - Paragon automatically makes a new differential backup, recording the change

Day 3, 4:15pm - You don't like the changes, but you don't remember the old configurations

Paragon Backup Software

Day 3, 4:45pm - Using Paragon, you've restored your first configuration

Or you can try the next one you made.
Later you can even roll forward to give the third configuration another chance.

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