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Seneca 4-Monitor Matrix

Multiple Monitor Matrix Array
4 Monitor Matrix Array

The Seneca four monitor matrix is a compact configuration of four monitors that will give you an excellent view of the market. 24" or 27" monitors are available. The Seneca uses a single piece stand with a single foot base. The base provides a strong stable structure to hold the monitors.

The bottom row of monitors should be set lower than you would with one or two monitors. Doing so will make it easy to view the upper row of monitors.

The monitors we sell have a strong track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

We provide an industry leading guarantee of zero dead pixels.

If you follow the markets closely, then the Seneca is the minimum you need to do it well.

Monitor Size Stand Depth Width Maximum Height Approx. Min. Height
24-inch 13 inches 44.6 inches 40.1 inches 33.5 inches
27-inch 13 inches 48.34 inches 42.36 inches 36.67 inches